I have a passion for art. I have always been creative and love making visually intriguing works of art. Through abstraction I find a way of expressing myself and my beliefs without coming out and saying what I mean. I do not like to tell my viewers what my art means or how they should be thinking about my art. I like to put my feelings into a piece then see how other people interpret it. I learn a lot about myself that way. Sometimes I do not even know what I am trying to say with a work of art until someone else sees it and tells me how it inspires them.

I work mostly in photography, both color and black and white. I like black and white better because it leaves more room for interpretation. Color photography can seem abstract in the shapes and lines inside the print, but in black and white the viewer can add their own thoughts on what the color and subject really may be.

I also work in digital media. Computers allow for me to take my photographs and change anything I want to change about them with digital art. This allows for much more abstraction and personalization of my prints. I like to use as many different subject matters and media as I can to make my art my own. I can use as many different media as I want, digitize them, and create one mixed media piece out of them. I believe that the more I put into a piece, the more the viewer will be able to take away from it.