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Donkey Rescue

Donkeys are a healthy, hardy animal with a life span of over 30 years. They do require regular maintenance to keep healthy. They need regular worming (every 2 to 3 months with an equine paste wormer) and regular hoof care. Hooves need to be trimmed a minimum of 4 times a year or more, depending on wear. Animals with poor hooves or hoof problems need care about every 4 weeks.

Hay is the mainstay of the donkey’s diet. A good quality grass hay is the best. They also require carrots, apples and other donkey treats. Do not feed these treats by hand. This will encourage your donkey to be a nipper. Feed on the ground or in a bowl. Grain is usually fed in very small quantities. A handful a day is more than enough. A nursing jennet would be the only exception. She could be fed a little grain every day while she is nursing her foal. Fresh clean water must be available to them at all times. Heated water in the winter helps insure they drink enough. A trace mineral block should also be available to them.

Donkeys need shelter year round and especially from the winter winds. A small barn or three sided shelter with the opening to the east would be sufficient. It is best to have an in and out area. They don’t like to be shut in even in the winter time. This could cause respiratory problems.

Donkeys enjoy brushing and scratching and lots of attention!

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